Monday, April 24, 2006

We talked things out, so things are back to "normal".

He went to one meeting this afternoon and another one tonight. In the middle of our dinner Bangel called to say that he was going to the meeting Bobby goes to because so and so is going to speak there tonight so he quickly finished his dinner and off he went. na has spoken!!! He talks all this nasty stuff about Bangel but yet when Bangel calls off he runs. I know what he would say if he was reading this... that he was planning on going to a meeting anyway. Bangel is one of the typical leeches in the 12 step program. He uses people to get anything that he needs. He is in his 30's totally capable to work and he collects, the only reason he is working part time now is because he was forced into it or they would cut off his benefits... so he grudgedly went to work.... he tried to get out of it but couldn't.. remember the 12 step program encourages you not to work, not a good pressure wise thing to do.

Bangel used Bobby like crazy until even Bobby got tired of it. Bangel refuses to bring his girlfriend (they have a baby together) because it would mess up with him messing around with different women that he also uses. One woman kept going back to him and being used... unbelieveable how many times he got away with it... and she even knew he was living with someone. The one unsaid rule in the 12 step program that I see people doing over and over again... whether you're married or not... its acceptable to mess around behind your partners back.... very acceptable. So watch out if you have a partner in the 12 step program... the more meetings they go to the greater chance that they will end up cheating on you... I know this from personal experience and watching it happen to so many others. And if you have a young son or daughter in the 12 step program... you'd better really make sure they don't get caught up in it... I could tell you horror stories.


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