Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well Bobby (my boyfriend) went to the doctors office today... he has to get a brain scan, because he's been getting headaches. He came back from there and went to a step meeting and then asked a few people there if he should tell me about it, which luckily he did. I'm going to go with him when he goes to get it done.

Then he went to another meeting tonight because they were going to have a celebration and were going to have ziti. So two of his "non meetings" again. I think I'm getting numb to the meetings, I dont let them get to me like they used to, they have their hold on him and there is nothing I can do about it. I am powerless (like they would say in a 12 step meeting). I finally gave up about two weeks ago. Trying to stay strong dealing with the meetings, which is a 24 hour thing. I hope I don't end up feeling like Resus's wife... that she feels she needs to make an appointment to be with her husband because the meetings are such a strong part of his life and everything else revolves around them. I know the feeling.


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