Thursday, April 06, 2006

Boyfriend and I went to a government auction today and what a waste of time. Bobby brought a Audiovox and when we priced it at home found out he paid way too much for it. From what I saw a lot of people overpaid, except for maybe the huge lots of clothing and jewelry. You get caught up in the moment, that's what the auctioneers want.

So tonight he's at a meeting (another "non meeting"), to get out what happened today I'm sure. Tonight I'm actually glad he went, too much togetherness today, and he was crabby when we got home.

I think this week he only missed one day of meetings.... he's still hooked, and he's in denial, sometimes he still going to two meetings a day, just not healthy, but I can't say or do anything, that would just make it even worse.


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