Friday, April 21, 2006

Bobby went to a poetry reading, he hasn't been to any lately because the meetings took him away from them, which is very sad since they mean so much to him, and he has friends in that circle. One thing I notice lately is that the more he gets away from the meetings (remember he was going to at least 2 per day) the nicer and more serene he becomes. When you hang around mostly negative people it rubs off on you definitely. I'm not saying that all people in 12 step meetings are negative, but lets face it the majority of them are. I've sat in on many meetings over the past 6 years, I've watched the effects of what they do to Bobby. The very thing that's supposed to save you and make you healthy may start off that way, but then when the very people are there to get the help grab hold of you, its over. Go ahead say it isn't so... I dare you... I even double dare you... too afraid the 12 step police might say get you???


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