Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ok... my boyfriend is off to another 12 step meeting tonight. He claims he is down to only 2 meetings a week, from going to almost 2 meetings a day. A man in denial. He knows its not healthy to be going to so many, but he's still "meeting brainwashed". The 12 step program brain washes addicts into believing that meetings are the answer and the more you go to the better you will be. They drive addicts into pushing away from their families and thinking of the rooms (the meeting places) as their family. They are brainwashed to always put the people in the rooms first before their families. My boyfriend thinks he's immune to all that but he's been in the room's too long and he's definitely brainwashed, I sometimes wonder if he'll ever get out. I like to think he's strong enough to get out, I pray I'm right.


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