Friday, March 31, 2006

My boyfriend went to a meeting tonight. This one they asked him to speak in Spanish about one of the steps. So this is considered one of the "non meetings"... meaning that he doesn't consider it going to a 12 step meeting when he's speaking at it. Okkkkkkaayyyy... One of his 12 steps friends called tonight, feeling him out for a ride. I'll call this guy Bangel (name has been changed so everyone in the rooms will think I'm talking about them). Bangel is a user. Now he uses people instead of drugs. He used my boyfriend for quite a few things... a cel phone, food, rides, clothing, food, rides, cel phone minutes, food, rides.... now my boyfriend has finally gotten wise and just listens to him talk and mostly blows him off. Bangel also likes to play the crying game.... you cry and people feel sorry for you, which means they give you stuff. This guy is I would guess in his 30's and able to work (he's had jobs, but comes up with excuses to quit), but of course the rooms encourage him not to work so he goes to as many meetings as he can make. His girlfriend supports him over what welfare doesn't, and the extras he gets from the ones he can get over on. The other day he got over on one guy in the rooms saying he needed diapers for his kid. Grow up Bangel and get a job!


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