Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ok, lets see another person in na passed away last week... one od'd...

and the one that I thought would happen finally happened... Bangel's girl finally got tired of his crap and left her and took their new baby with her... hooray for her, I am so happy she finally got wise... no more of putting up with his whining and having to support him and most of all, his cheating. You go girl, I'm sure your life will be so much happier, and to think she came back to NJ just to be with him after he promised he had changed. That lasted less than two days and he was back to hitting on women in the meetings. His other girl that he led along finally got tired of him too (although for her I don't feel as sorry for, since she knew he had a wife with a baby, but she's from na where for some reason its ok to cheat), so she got what she deserved....twice since she went back to him twice after he promised her the world (as he went home to his wife at night and did the same to her) I'm thrilled, some people get their just rewards eventually.


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